Social media: the death of independent thinking?

We all love social media.

Hell, I love it too. Youtube, Instagram, the bird app, Facebook, all of it.

I use them to keep up with friends, catch up on the latest trends, and post a goofy picture once in maybe 5 years (I hate pictures).

But I got thinking about something yesterday: what if we are controlled by social media, in a way that we can never notice?

What if our preferences are a product of what we’ve progressively consumed on social media over the years?

Hear me out.

For instance, you watch a horror movie on Netflix, to just try it out. You loved that horror movie just that time.

But the Netflix algorithm, thinks you’re a lover of horror movies.

So what does it do?

It suggests more horror movies.

So what happens in the long run?

Well, you inadvertently fall in love with horror movies.

Another example is social trends.

Big brands, use influencers who have large followers, to sell their products.

So, many people use the product at the end of the day, not because they love it. But because their model has endorsed it.

Or because others in the class they subscribe to, make use of it.

Hence, the individual loses the ability to think independently.

We see this even in music. We fall in love with a music genre that’s reigns king on social media and is blasted 24/7 on the radio.

So my question is: are we losing our ability for independent thinking? Is the society slowly tending towards a monolithic one?

Is the algorithm that high school principal meant to maintain uniformity and classes?

I don’t know the answer. But it surely bothers me.

Day 10 of Not Enough Writers 30 day challenge



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