Raising your own village: advice for every parent

“It takes a village to raise a child”

We must have heard this several times. This was true in most African communities. And mine was no different.

When I was young, neighbours spanked me for wrongdoing, if my parents were not around. My mother always relied on them to watch me and my siblings, while she was away.

On a particular occasion, she warned us to stay indoors. But our big heads refused. We went out, played a bit, and went back inside as nothing happened.

But, guess what? My mother found out.


Our neighbour told her. At that point, it angered me. As in, why would someone be choking her nose in where it does not belong?

But this illustrates how every older person in a community, contributed to instilling moral values in children.

But it’s no longer the case.

These days, there are horror stories of paedophiles — older relatives or older people in the community — raping young children.

Even little children have been kidnapped and used for rituals.

The world has lost its conscience.

So, as a parent, what can you do?

It’s simple:

Grow your own village!


Make friends with other families. Have a circle of friends, you can trust with your children. And they should trust theirs with you too.

Preferably, they should live close by. And you must share or have values that are similar to theirs.

The world may have gone crazy.

But truth is, it still takes a village to raise a child properly.

Hence, build your own village.

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