My writing crutches: tools that have made me a better writer

writing cruthces

There’re many writing tools out there. I’m sure that you can name ten off the hat.

But I’m not here to bore you or confuse you by naming more of them

Instead, I’m about to list some habits, which have become my writing tools and have made me a better writer.

A pen and a notepad

Back in university, I had an unusual ability to listen as the lecturers dictated notes, and quickly scribble important points down. 90% of the time, it was simply what the lecturer had said, but in my own words.

You see, I didn’t know that I was sharpening my writing skill naively. I was building my vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures.

For this reason, I still carry my pen with a notepad to events where I may need to take something down. As I restate what the speaker is saying in my own words, I’m building my writing muscle too. You should try this too.

The more you look, the more you see

I try to take nature walks as much as I can. Not just for exercise (that’s definitely part of it), but primarily to get inspiration.

Whenever I have writer’s block, I go for a lil walk. And when I come back, inspiration comes flooding, sometimes more than my teeny fingers can handle. It takes typing at break-kneck speeds to keep up.

Secondly, I pay keen attention to all details.

Whether it’s the woman in a blue shirt, the aboki with a funny haircut, or even the young boy sipping yoghurt. In the midst of all the chaos, I sometimes get inspiration.

Some old-school hardcover books

The comfort that comes with having books on our phones, is unmatched.

But, call me old school, I still prefer hardcover books.


Come on, the reasons are endless. No distractions or potential eye damage. I absorb information easily. And most importantly, the satisfaction that comes with finishing a hard copy book, is unmatched.

You may not understand until you’ve tried it.


I’ve always been a voracious reader. I read everything from magazines, to newspapers, novels, online articles, and so on.

I remember sitting in the science lab for a physics class and reading a novel hidden within my textbook while listening to the teacher.

I know what you’re thinking, but the desire to read was that strong.

Though I lost it along the way, I regained it the moment I decided that putting words together was what I wanted to do. And since I got back to it, my writing has definitely improved.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll share more later, as I progress on my writing journey.

Till then, take care!

Day 5 of the Not enough Writers 30-day challenge



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