sugar-coated doughnuts

I don’t know of you but as for me, nothing else makes my day like a good, hot, sugar-coated doughnut; it’s the road to my heart (oh yea!). In fact, I gladly confess- it's my weak point.

My face visibly lights up with so much joy, whenever I remember eating such from the canteen in my school. The woman who sells it always had an insanely excellent method and recipe that kept me returning day after day. It always reminded me of those made by my mother who although using a different recipe, achieved the same result: finger-biting doughnuts. Salivating already right?

Please be I will like to issue a disclaimer- I am not a baker (not even planning to be one). So, I won`t be sharing complex baking tips, secret recipes, or even doughnuts.

Well, I’ll prefer you salivate in expectation of the wisdom I’m about to share. It has the potential to change your life forever. My goal here is not to make you salivate to satisfy your stomach but to give you information: a secret per se.

I have had the privilege of attending many concerts, art exhibitions, and other platforms where sheer talent is displayed, with the intent of entertaining the audience. Without mincing words, I always leave these events wowed. I have heard voices that gave me goosebumps, watched comedy performances that kept me laughing out of my seat, seen artworks that made me question how come such talent was actually on earth. Each show seems to exceed the previous one I attend.

Many times, I have sat in the audience pool and asked myself a simple question: what makes these people different from the audience? Most times, I have come to realize that many people in the audience, can actually do better than those on the stage.

So, what sets them apart? Is it talent? Are they just lucky? What if they had to work for it?


I'll answer this in just a moment.

Each of the possible reasons I have listed could be the reason but it's not all that there is. Each person in the audience will possibly give these answers if asked the question. Few might be justifiable, while a predominant number of others will fall into “the excuse” category.

However, one thing that is hardly talked about is the boldness; not the boldness to dream it per se, but the boldness to do it.

Now back to the dough and doughnut.

In my days as a child, watching my mum and sisters make doughnuts gave me an insight into how it is made. As I sit with my laptop writing this article, I did not enquire from goggle regarding the process: I can vividly recall like I was in my mother’s hot kitchen right now, watching as it is being made.

The recipes worldwide might be different but the process is essentially the same- doughnut comes after the dough. In the making of a doughnut, the ingredients are first mixed together to form the dough. I would not want to bore you with a detailed list of the ingredients, nor inadvertently disclose my mother’s secret recipe; so, I`ll move unto the next process. After mixing, exposure to heat is next. No doughnut ever made does not go through this same process.

In the beginning, no resemblance can be seen with the final product- the doughnut. It all looks like a fluffy paste of nothingness. However, as time progresses the dough becomes to look more like the doughnut. After the whole process is finished, a doughnut finally emerges.

This process is familiar, right?

Now let’s bring it home: let`s reveal the secret ingredient that has resulted in the success of the few on the “stage”.

Our skills, projects, and so on are like that dough.

It may not look like a doughnut now, but it surely will become it. All that is required is time and effort.

However, we sometimes are so focused on reaching the “doughnut status” even while we have not taken the first step of launching out. We are hoping to wake up one day, with perfection attained. Rome was never built in a day. We often hope that this will give us the boldness to launch out.

Truth be told, perfection never happens in a vacuum. It is the product of consistency. Preparation for the stage is important: but don’t forget that some lessons are only taught by the stage. Do not focus so much on the preparation, whilst disassociating yourself from the stage.

Sometimes, our drive to gain perfection before the stage stops us from achieving mastery. Mastery is a function of both pre-and post-stage preparations. Do not allow fear to keep you so long in that same spot in the guise of not being ready. Learn, launch out, and learn.

The major difference between the talented folk in the audience and the one on stage is simple: that person on the stage took the boldness to brave the exposure and potential failure by going out while the talented ones preferred to sit down planning for eternity while claiming to still be learning (sometimes).

Be the dough: allow the fire of exposure, transform you into the doughnut. Do not expect immediate perfection. Many are frustrated out of the pathway to success due to initial mistakes made. Launch out, maintain consistency, and you will become the doughnut.



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