Let`s Talk About Pain.

Yesterday, I was flipping through YouTube whilst trying to get a video that could provide the precious coins of excitement to save me from my prison of boredom. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a video. The picture attached to the video immediately caught my interest; it was the picture of my favorite female footballer (Martha) crying. Apart from the picture, the caption also got me hooked. The video caption read “Martha crying gives an inspiring speech after Brazil taken out of W world cup”. This happened to be at the women`s world cup, which was held in France in 2019. The Brazilian team had just lost and were knocked out at the round of 16. Out of burning curiosity, I decided to watch it. In case you do not know Martha: she is the captain of the Brazilian national women`s football team and -personally- the best female footballer. The message that really struck me was communicated in these words- cry at the beginning so that you can smile at the end. These words continued reverberating in my head like a bass drum; so loud that I tried hard to shut it out but without success.

I got one singular message- all great success stories began with the sacrifice of momentary pleasures. It is a common denominator in all stories of great men and women (including those whose stories are being written or will be written).

A thought sprung up within me: If all these stories are available to the general public, then it definitely means that we are all aware that sacrifices birth greatness. With each story of a monumental success, we are reminded of the sacrifices made.

If this is general knowledge, then why is it so hard to make such sacrifices? Why do we all hesitate when about to make that future defining sacrifice? Why? why? Why?

Pain- that is the answer. Or aptly put, the fear of pain.

Each and every sacrifice are harmonized under a common umbrella- momentary pain. Be it sacrificial decisions or actions, they all have the pain factor. Those who make it to the podium all testify to having pain points in their journey. The journey usually comes with sacrifices as painful as walking on burning coals. Thus, it goes to say that all those that have succeeded have probably found a way to numb the pain or walk through it.

But how did they do this? How do they walk on burning coals with no pain at all? Is this even possible?

Without any doubt; it is very, extremely possible. Let me show you a very simple formula.

The first step is to define that goal you want to achieve in clear terms. Clearly define what you really desire to achieve. Achievable goals are clearly defined goals. Often times, we make goals with no clear definition or pathway to actualization. Thus, we are engaged in a merry go round. We keep making the same goals time and time again without results.

Now, zone out for a minute.

Try to visualize a future where you’ve finally achieved your goal. Spare no details; paint it fully. If your unable to get the picture, use this shortcut: look at those who have achieved that same goal. Take their present as your possible future. Looks beautiful right? Whenever the pain seems too much or the sacrifice feels too great, close your eyes and visualize that picture: it will keep you on track. Make the decision to spend every second, day, month or year, working to fulfill that dream. Say to yourself: no pain is too much neither is any sacrifice too great compared to the picture I have seen.

So, when next the pain becomes too much, remember that for you to smile later you would have to cry now. A glorious future is guaranteed on the foundation of pains associated with sacrifices made in the present.



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