How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Laptops, just like any digital device need special care.

And considering how much they cost, maintaining the one you have should be your utmost priority.

I’m about to share little tips with you, which if adhered to, keep your laptop in an optimum state for a long while to come.

let's get right to it!

Invest in a padded backpack or side pack

Daily, your laptop covers miles literally: from the house to the office, then the coffee shop, all the way to school, and finally, back to the house.

During these journeys, you’ll need a safe location to put your laptop. And a padded backpack will do the trick. Though they may set you back some dollars, investing in one would pay off in the long run.

The padding on the sides and bottom protects the laptop from getting damaged due to bumps and the straps hold the bag securely.

Buy a laptop skin

If you take a careful look at your keyboard, you’ll notice some little holes between the keys. These are safe spots for dust to gather and render some keys useless. Or worse still, the entire keys could stop working suddenly.

To prevent this from happening, you should buy a keyboard skin that fits over the entire keyboard. Also, it’s not just the keyboard that needs a skin: the body and the screen needs one too.

Using a laptop skin, makes your laptop look beautiful and a screen protector protects the screen from damage.

Clean, clean, and clean again.

You should clean your laptop once in a while.

But if you don’t do this the right way, it could cause more harm than good despite your good intentions.

This is the right way to do it:

Step 1: Close your laptop. And if it has a detachable battery, remove it

Step 2: Damp a microfibre cloth with a little water and a dishwasher

Step 3: Use the cloth to clean the whole body then rinse the dirt out. Then squeeze the cloth tightly to remove excess water, and use it to wipe the body.

Repeat the same process with the screen. But in this case, do not apply pressure to the screen surface.

Step 4: Douse a little propanol on a damp cloth and gently wipe the keyboard’s surface.

Step 5: Use compressed air to blow dust out of all openings, ports, holes on the keyboard’s surface, etc. A portable vacuum cleaner will do.

Step 6: Replace the battery - that's if you removed it - and begin to use your laptop.

Don’t eat close to your laptop

For starters, a little coffee spill or a sudden toppling of a wine-filled glass can damage your keyboard.

Also, little drops of food drop into the holes of the laptop invite ants into the laptop. These go on to chew and damage important components within your laptop.

Don’t allow it to overheat

Leaving your laptop’s battery to overheat, damages its battery capacity. Before you know it, it becomes a desktop — stays on only if it’s attached to a power source. Or worse still, the battery could get damaged permanently.

To avoid this, don’t charge and use your laptop — for gaming especially — at the same time.

Furthermore, It’s best to charge it only when it drops to 20%, and unplug it when it’s 100%.

Your power cords shouldn’t be twisted.

Tossing your power cord into your bag all twisted causes damage. The wires begin to wear out and eventually disconnect from the inside. Or worse still, the exposed power cords can result in electrocution.

To avoid this, buy a cable organizer. It keeps your power cord perfectly safe.

Don’t keep your laptop lying around carelessly

A little pressure on top of your laptop could damage the screen or other important components within it.

Your laptops shouldn’t be left lying on the cushion of your sitting room, the ground, or in the car under the steaming hot sun.

Get an external keyboard and mouse

If you’re an aggressive user of the keyboard and touchpad, it’s important to buy an external keyboard and mouse. By doing so, you’ll save your keyboard from being worn out.

Taking care of your laptop takes a conscious effort. The greatest consolation is that every effort you make pays off in the long run.



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