Don’t forget your first love….

It’s often said that first love is the deepest.

And believe me, I know.

But I’m not here to talk about butterflies. Roses. Or your first kiss.

I’m here to talk about writing — our first love.

Confused? let me explain.

There are 7 stages in the life cycle of every writer:

  1. Talent discovery
  2. Showcasing the talent to the world via blogging, writing on social media accounts, and the likes.
  3. Deciding to monetise the talent
  4. Landing the first client
  5. Having numerous clients and looming deadlines
  6. Having no clients
  7. Returning to step 5

When we are in step 2, we write because we love it. That sudden discovery of a medium where you could lay bare your thoughts leads to an unrivalled love to write. And write again.

Let me tell you my story.

When I started writing, I always felt inclined to write something down. When I didn’t do so, I felt like I had not spoken to their lover in an hour.

My fingers itched. My body felt uneasy.

The ideas in my head were seeking a new home on paper, built with ink from my pen.

Sometimes, I wrote in a little diary I carried around. But other times, I wrote on every available scrap of paper I could find.

I’m sure this is the same for every beginning writer.

But the trouble begins, when you progress to step 4.

At this point, you only write when there’s a client and a monetary value attached. Or when a deadline is fast approaching. Your focus becomes chasing the bread alone.

But it’s not meant to be so.

We all began writing because we loved it, right?

If yes, then we must keep that love alive. And to keep that love alive, you shouldn’t only write when there’s a client. Or only write articles for others.

If you do so, you’re 100% likely to experience burnouts, dissatisfaction, and career stagnation.


Work on your side project. Have your own blog, newsletter, or social platform to write out your thoughts. Write daily because you love it.

Never forget why you got into writing in the first place.

Never forget your first love!

As Syreeta rightly puts it:

“Man shall not live by client’s work alone”.


Day 7 of Not enough Writers 30 day challenge



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