Birthday Musings: Feel unaccomplished? Think back….

“Don’t forget where you’re coming from”.

I’ve always heard this warning from my mother. Especially when I feel unaccomplished. When I feet I’m not making any headway.

I felt it was unnecessary. Why would I want to think of the past, when most “gurus” advise that I should forget it?

Over time, I’ve learnt one thing:

Retrospection is necessary to battle the temptations of regrets and bouts of depression, spurred by the successes we see on social media from friends and enemies. And the pressure we face from family members.

Trust me, I had this same experience for some time.

But as I celebrated my birthday yesterday, I’ve come to realize that remembering where we’ve come from is a must-do. At least, from time to time.

The important thing is what we feel after. Is it regrets? Or appreciation of the journey and growth we’ve made?

As I think back, I realize that I’ve grown so much. I may not be where I want, but I’m definitely making slow but steady progress towards my goal.

So, when next you’re tempted to feel unaccomplished, think back of where you’ve come from. Go back to the articles you’ve written in the past. Take stock of the knowledge you’ve gained so far. Focus on the progress you’ve made. And glory in it!

Day 6 of Not Enough Writers 30 day challenge



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